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  • New Tippy Tops Version 2. Improved in all aspects. 
  • Heel height 5.5", Platforms 1.75"
  • Quality strong sole and heel materials, heels are even more sturdy, no 'wobbly' feel. 
  • The straps are designed to 'hug' the feet like gloves. 
  • Light weight, performs amazingly on stage and runways
  • Hook-on buckle feature allows you to change shoes quickly during the shows. 
  • New insole and cushion provides much more comfort, last more hours. 
  • Adjusted measurements and sizing, runs true to size. 

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Customer Reviews (17)

Beautiful, a little wobbly

Posted by Jacqueline on Jun 26th 2017
The shoes are gorgeous. I wear between a 9.5 & 10 depending on the design of the shoe and I wish I ordered 10. I've ordered another style in 9.5 and it was too big, so I ordered a 9.5 in these and they just fit. I have been practicing walking in them because I noticed my right foot to be wobbly, I'm unsure if it is me or the shoe? I wear all kinds of heels. I really like the shoe, I'd do a 4.5 star review. I can't wait to compete in them.

Beautiful shoes & Great price

Posted by Holly Carroll on Mar 2nd 2017
I am thrilled with this purchase. I am a shoe lover in every sense of the word. I stopped counting my shoes after I reached 500. So I know quality, style, performance and esthetics. This is my first purchase from Marc Defang so I wasn't sure what to expect. This Nude 2 Tippy Tops are very pretty, feminine and light weight. . They have a great toe box, doesn't pinch my smaller toes and has a perfect pitch so you do not feel as if you are wearing a 6" heel but rather a shorter 3" heel, that's a perfect shoe to me. The only complaint/concern I have is the heel is not stable, it wobbles when I walk. I purchased this Nude 2 pair first because I intended to order a pair in the Sapphire crystals to go with my pageant dress, now I think I may not. I need a stable heel to walk on stage. The sling back has a very sturdy heel in contrast! I love wearing high heels every single day because they do many things for my confidence. I feel feminine, classy and stylish wearing these patent Tippy Tops. I highly recommend these to any ladies who also enjoy wearing a beautiful high heel shoes that looks crazy expensive and isn't!


Posted by Tasha Markel on Feb 24th 2017
I love them. So comfortable and adorable so work the purchase


Posted by Michelle marie & macy on Dec 14th 2016
First of all the packaging is so lux! 2 separate bags. 1 for each shoe and then 1 bigger bag to put them in together. With the classy marc defang logo on it!! You feel like royalty. Now lets get to the fit. Normally wear a 7. There was no 7 so got the 7.5. Perfect fit!! The arch felt so subtle and not harsh! A shoe that you can wear for long periods of time. Stable and not clunky feeling. Definitely one to become the new go to shoe!

Awesome shoes

My daughter wears an 8W, we purchased these in 8.5M - perfect. Thanks!

Pageant girls' best friend

Posted by Jessica Poticher on Dec 6th 2016
These shoes are a pageant girl's best friend! They look great with any outfit, make your legs look amazing and not too hard to walk in even though they are so tall!

Love these shoes, they are beautiful

Posted by Rhonda Griggs on Dec 5th 2016
Best shoes ever

Lighter/Shorter Chinese Laundry Alternative

Posted by Seasoned Pageant Vet on Dec 5th 2016
I've been wearing the Chinese Laundry Tippy Tops for about 2 years and have always battled them. The CL shoes are about 1/4" - 1/2" higher than the Marc Defang shoes, and the Marc Defang shoes are SUBSTANTIALLY lighter! I have always felt like a horse clomping around in my CL shoes, but in MD I felt soooo much lighter, which made it easier to walk gracefully. My only complaint is that the heel isn't incredibly stable, I wish that the stiletto was slightly wider for a sturdier stance, but it is identical to the CL stiletto (minus 1/4" or so in height). Overall, I prefer these over CL.

Life Saver!

Posted by Ashley Strickland on Dec 5th 2016
I have been wearing a different brand of shoes for swimsuit competition for the past year and a half. I have tried for such a long time learning to walk in them and perfecting my swimsuit walk. However, I was constantly battling my shoes. The straps would never stay on, no matter what I tried. And no, my shoes were not too big. It was incredibly frustrating. After many times contemplating buying the Marc Defang shoes, I finally gave in and purchased. Absolutely the best decision I've made! I promise, you'll love these shoes!

Tippy tops are top notch

Posted by on Nov 21st 2016
My tippy tops are easy to wear and super comfortable!! I plan to buy all colors!

comfortable class

Posted by Daisy Patterson on Oct 24th 2016
THese cute strappy sandals are a perfect accessory to any outfit, my daughter has them in nude and red! They are comfortable and classy

Posted by Vivienne Cornett on Oct 2nd 2016
I can't wait to wear these at nationals!!!

Thank you

Posted by Kyi Sint on Jul 16th 2016
I love wearing these heels. They are super comfortable. I wore them to a wedding and danced in them all night. When the night ends, my feet didn't even hurt. I would high recommend this to anyone looking for comfortable high heels.

In loveeeeeeā™”

Posted by Alyssa Sansone on Jun 25th 2016
I am so in love with these shoes !! Cant wait to rock them at internationals !

Love these shoes!

Posted by Debra K Lamb on May 30th 2016
I Love thes shoes! I have these shoes in the Nude #1, Pink, Aqua and Black! They fit amazing and look awesome!

Comfy and awesome

Posted by Julia on Apr 28th 2016
Love them and they are better than any other shoe. You can seriously wear all day and do not hurt. It also has flex which you can't say usually about this height. Get yours today and you will not regret it.


Posted by Heather Garcia on Apr 14th 2016
These shoes are so beautiful!!! They exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to wear them!
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